Vari City became a democratic following the Ieta Bank War.  Among the four branches of Vari government, political parties only have power in the Public Administrative Branch and, to a much lesser extent, the Legislative Branch.  Members of the Judicial and Audit Branch often have allegiance to one of the political parties.

The parties are usually refered to as "ships".

Major Ships (represented in Public Administration)Edit

  • Bureaucratic Reform: a pro-capitalist, pro-democracy reformist party
  • Neoroyalist League: a monarchist group who seeks to establish a constitutional monarchy in Vari City.  They are considered a Manacrat organization.
  • Central Collective: a Fraternist group who seek to create a more centralized hands-on government.  The also plan to strengthen ties between Vari City and their allies (particularly Valea and the Temple of Sun Moon Stars).

Minor Ships (not represented in Public Administration)Edit

  • Human Rights Coalition
  • United Synergy
  • Rally & Assemblies
  • Union for the Monarchy (also called the Counterrevolutionaries)
  • Stonereef Heritage Front
  • Temple Alliance

Unofficial ShipsEdit

  • Nawao Action League: an organisation dedicated to the betterment of Orcs in Vari City.
  • Civil Insurgence: a revolutionary fascist militia
  • Nation Forum: an anarchist newspaper and their allies